This work hints at a mysticism that can only be found in nature.  The paintings are created in response to treks I've taken. For me the act of hiking is the equivalent of connecting with a divine power.  When I am surrounded by the magnificence of the natural world there is an energy and a power that is salient. I see it, I feel it, and it is at the marrow of all that is good.



Ram paused and his wooly fluff reflected the intense glow of the moon.  Both Ram and Moon appeared to be lit within, like the fireflies darting around Ram’s feet and flitting through the strong curve of his horns.  His thoughts are simple; water enough, food enough, safety for all.  Ram stands guard with confidence, his ram horns impenetrable and his ram feet faster than speed-lightning.

Moon watches all of this, knowing tomorrow night she won’t be as full.  Her light won’t be as bright.  In fact she might not be here at all.  But tonight she stands guard alongside Ram.  Together, at least for this night, they keep wolf and coyote away.

You are my sheep with woolen warmness and moon reflectiveness and strong ram horns.  I touch your softness and think blanket, I think comfort.  I find sweet sleep when I count you, jumping over the moon.

The Full Moon Series is a body of work that explores themes that include enchantment, suspension of time, and the surreal experience of childhood.  The Full Moon paintings began as a self-assignment to create works based on three elements:  a plant, an animal, and a full moon.  The pieces lean towards surrealism by playing with scale, color, and the level at which I render the objects.  Toys and collectibles are used as reference materials for the animals, the plants are either house plants or imagined, and the moon, a symbol of the timeless constancy of the cosmos, moves around within the composition for balance.



The Great Spirit gathered all of creation and said;
“I want to hide something powerful from the humans until they are ready for it... It is the powerful realization that they create their own reality.”  Hopi Nation

Moving Through the Vortex is a series dealing with intense transitions.  As we navigate through transitions, some actively sought, some forced upon us, we experience emotional and mental changes.  I have always felt as if I were moving from one plane of existence into another.  Stepping from one world (or reality) and into the next.  These paintings try to capture these fields of energy or as I refer to them vortexes that exists between realities.  They are dense enough so that we often cannot see through to the other side causing greater anxiety for not being able to see a clear path.



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